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Thriving by Design – How to be a Happy Healthy Human

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With too much to do and too little time, staying human these days is a tough gig. We knuckle down to work harder and longer, striving for greater resilience and sustained high performance. With that said, the why, the where, the how, and the what of work has changed. We need a new set of mental skill sets to flourish in the Digi-Age. Treating ourselves as machines doesn’t work and isn’t sustainable. It’s time to go back to understanding that we are humans with unique capabilities. As humans we are vulnerable, irrational and sometimes a little crazy, but that’s what makes us special. It’s time to lighten up and reconnect to what really keeps us happy, healthy and living a life with purpose.

In this webinar replay, Dr. Jenny Brockis, will inspire you to become the best version of yourself by translating the findings of neuroscience and positive psychology into simple practical tools that will enable you to work smarter not harder. Dr. Jenny Brockis is an experienced medical practitioner and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician, specialising in brain health and mental performance. She is an international speaker, trainer and author of three books, including the best-selling “Smarter, Sharper Thinking” (Wiley).

In this webinar replay, we will explore:

  • What makes you tick
  • What’s important to you
  • What enables you to be at your best
  • & how to take a reality check