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Can Productivity Really Be Boosted With Behavioural Profiling?

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Many small business leaders believe that high performance is primarily dependent on an employee’s job related skills, that is, the more technically gifted and qualified workers are, the better they perform. There is more to high performance than just knowledge. Countless studies show that attitude and social skills are the key determinants of workplace effectiveness and productivity. This study from Leadership IQ of 25,000 professionals shows that only 11% of workers fail due to technical skills and the overwhelming 89% fail due to lack of interpersonal and social skills.

If you want to drive productivity in your business, you need to put an emphasis on developing interpersonal skills in your employees, as it is the key performance differentiator. There are many ways to boost interpersonal skills, but as any good Perth HR consultant will tell you, one of the most effective ways to do this is to profile your workforce, using a behavioural profiling tool, ideally based on a robust methodology such as Everything DiSC. DiSC is the acronym of the four primary dimensions of behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. There are other behavioural profiling methodologies available, however DiSC may be more suited to the often resource stretched small-medium company as it has a simpler language and is easier to implement.

And so how can DiSC based behavioral profiling boost productivity in your business? By, profiling your workforce using Everything DISC, each employee gets to understand their DiSC behavioural profile or preferred way of working, which may work well with some colleagues and not so well with others, (destroying synergy as a result). The understanding of both their DiSC profile and that of their colleague helps them develop techniques to improve communication with the various DiSC styles, thus boosting synergy, team cohesion and productivity. Managers can also learn to become adaptable, elevating engagement and productivity across the business.

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Company environments can be turbulent where a range of conflicting personalities are thrown together compounded by the demands of business. And if you are not deploying a behavioural profiling system like Everything DiSC it’s very likely that your business is under-optimized and productivity is suffering as a direct result of poor team synergy.

The good news is that implementing Everything DiSC based profiling is very achievable for any committed business owner or senior manager and you can read more about how we could help you with this with our Everything DiSC (accredited program).