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Are Your Profits Being Reduced By Low Employee Engagement Levels?

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Coming off the back of one the worst global recessions in history, where employees have faced lack of job security, pay freezes and broken promises, employers can no longer afford to take employee engagement for granted. Surveys show that employee engagement levels are worryingly low across the world. This Gallup poll of 180 million employees world-wide tells us that just 13% of employees are engaged. Employee engagement levels in Australia are thankfully a little higher, with 26% of workers being engaged in their work, however this still means that 74% of workers in Western Australia are not engaged in their work.

What does it matter if employees are engaged? It matters to your bottom line as disengaged employees lack motivation, are less productive, spread negativity and they won’t go the extra mile for your clients to ensure customer delight. Only the engaged workers will go the extra mile to delight your customers.

You should also be aware that some sectors in Australia are more prone to disengaged workers than others. It seems that: transportation workers, production workers, sales staff, managers and clerical/office workers are especially disengaged from their work. And if you employ a lot of staff in this areas, your bottom line profits will be taking a much bigger hit.

The good news is that your employee engagement levels are not fixed; they can be improved. Yes, by using the right kind of people initiatives, you can drive up employee engagement levels and watch your productivity and customer satisfaction levels soar.

So, what’s the first step? Addressing employee engagement issues begin with measurement. It means listening to employee’s opinions on what it’s like working for you, using an employee engagement survey – and being prepared to hear both the good news and the bad news. This gives you an idea of the causes of low engagement within your workforce. It’s crucial that you take the findings of your engagement survey and convert this into a concrete plan of corrective action.

Of course, raising employee engagement levels can be a challenging prospect for a business, so if you do have an engagement challenge, why not try out our STAR Workplace Program which is designed to help boost employee engagement, raise productivity and boost profit margins.